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Migrating from Popular GCP Services to Alternative Providers

Google Cloud Platform offers tons of amazing cloud computing services which allows developers to solve business challenges with cloud computing. These challenges can be related to data management, hybrid & multi-cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more.

The goal of this article is to show you different services and popular Google Cloud Platform tools, what they do, and alternative services in other Cloud providers (like AWS, IBM Cloud, Digital Ocean, and Microsoft Azure). If you’re thinking of migrating to an alternative provider for any reason; either for learning purposes or scaling. This article is for you!

The Cloud Services and their Alternatives

Well, let’s delve right into it. Here are the top GCP services I use frequently, and a list of alternatives in other Cloud providers you can peruse:

Google App Engine

This is a fully managed platform that allows you to scale large applications without worry about the underlying infrastructure. App Engine supports a variety of programming languages like PHP, Go, Python, Java, etc. The brilliant thing about the app engine it supports docker images out of the box.


Cloud provider Name of service
AWS ElasticBeanStalk
AZURE App Service

Google Kubernetes Engine

This is a managed platform that ensures you can run containerized workloads. It can deploy, manage and scale containerized applications, powered by Kubernetes.


Cloud provider Name of service
AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service
AZURE Azure Kubernetes Service
IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

Google Content Delivery Network(CDN)

This is a low-latency, geographically distributed network running at Google Datacenters. This service harnesses Edge computing which brings contents closer to your end-users.


Cloud provider Name of service
AWS CloudFront

Google Compute Engine

This is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service(IAAS) that runs on Google’s Infrastructure. It allows clients to run workloads on top of physical hardware. Youtube, Google Service runs on top of the service. You can run any operating system like Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, and many more.


Cloud provider Name of service
AWS EC2 Instance
AZURE Azure Virtual Machines

Google Cloud Run

This is a fully managed platform that brings serverless to containers. it was built for deploying and running HTTP based containerized applications without provisioning and maintaining machines.


Cloud provider Name of service
AWS Fargate

gcloud CLI

This is a CLI tool used to create, manage resources on Google Cloud. It makes it easy to perform cloud task, like creating a bucket, deploying an app to app engine, and deleting a Virtual machine


Cloud provider Name of service

Google Cloud DNS

This is a resilient, global Domain name system(DNS) service that publishes your domain names to the global DNS effectively. Cloud DNS offers private and public DNS zones.


Cloud provider Name of service
AWS Route53

Google Cloud Operation suite

This was previously called StackDriver. This is another amazing service from Google Cloud. It collects metrics, logs, and traces for your application. It can also be used for profiling and debugging for observability.


Cloud provider Name of service
AWS Cloudwatch, Xrays
AZURE Azure Monitor, Application Insights

Google Cloud MemoryStore

It is a fully managed, in-memory cache that handles millions of requests per second. It can be deployed as a standalone service or with replication. It comes, with security and configuration benefits.


Cloud provider Name of service
AWS Elastic Cache
AZURE Azure Redis

Google Cloud SQL

This is a database-as-a-service (D-A-A-S) managed database service that assists in setting up, maintaining, and managing relational databases. There is a variety of cloud SQL databases like PostgreSQL, MYSQL, etc.


Cloud provider Name of service
AZURE Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Azure Database form MySQL

Google IAM

This service lets administrators authorize who can do specific actions on a specific resource, thereby giving control over cetin cloud resources.IAM stands for Identity and Access management.


Cloud provider Name of service
AZURE Active Directory


This article does not suggest that the Google Cloud Platform isn’t great but focused on assisting engineers to use similar products on other cloud providers. I cannot wait to see the next thing you will build with any of the those services I mentioned.

— Feb 12, 2021