Hey Folks!

About Me

obinna odirionye

Hola! I am Obinna Odirionye

I work on Kubernetes Tooling, Infrastructure and Distributed Systems.

Experiences - I do a few things

  • Remote Staff Engineer @ LMAO

Well about me?

  • I do a bunch of automation and coding that gets into production.☁️
  • I work on Kubernetes too. 🖥️
  • I kinda look like a Panda, 🐼, on Steriods, and it makes me sad!😞
  • I love Koalas, 🐨, and Lemurs.🔥
  • I legit pay rent so don’t ask me to work for free, okay? 😏
  • Above all, Treat people with Love and Respect! ❤️


I know a few things and use a bunch of technologies. Here are some:

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • AWS/GCP/Microsoft Azure
  • Serverless
  • Typescript
  • Ansible
  • Linux Administration
  • ELK Stack
  • Go


Well, It’s on Github


You can find my slides on Speakerdeck